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    First published work.

    edo86087683 Level 1

      First, my apologies for not being a question, but I did not find a space to share the work.


      I'm starting a channel on youtube and I want to insert several animations using Character Animator, but for now I only published this interactive video with After Effects. The character begins to appear, after drawing, from the 3 minutes and nassa much of the video.


      I know the sound did not look good, but I'm still sending that link for consideration. I want to insert more characters in various other situations in the progress of this channel.


      The link is
      #01 - OVERTURE EM TAPA MAIOR - YouTube



      I hope you enjoy and I await your opinions, criticisms, suggestions and comments in general.

      Thank you very much

      Ed Ondo - Canal Tapa


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Nice! I like your art style a lot - line art always looks nice.


          For the animation itself - I'd suggest watching this and playing around with blended performances and more of a "pose to pose" style in future installments. It can look overly-kinetic if the head and arms are constantly moving:  https://youtu.be/-wQZBZQMfLs?t=10m30s


          Thanks for sharing!

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            edo86087683 Level 1

            Many thanks for the compliment to my style and especially for the valuable tip. I had already watched the tips of April, but although my video was published just over a month ago, the recording of the character had already been produced almost a year ago. You should not remember but I've already asked a few questions about positioning the arms above your head in the forum because I was working on this character at the time. Certainly I intend to improve a lot and flood this channel with several other characters or animated objects. It will be a great pleasure if you can remedy this alleged progress and if you will allow me, I will publish more links here if you allow me to.

            Again, thank you very much and I am always delighted with the attention given to the participants.

            Ed Ondo