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    flatten page range seems to not work

    ddunn@davidsdunn.com Level 1

      I am using the script below in a button on the first page of an 8 page document. Its purpose is to flatten the first six pages of the form and leave pages 7 and 8 unaffected by the script. However, all 8 pages are flattened by this script. I am not using and do not need the optional nNonPrint parameter.



          nStart: 0,

          nEnd: this.numPages - 2,



      Am I doing something incorrectly? How can I accomplish my objective of leaving the last 2 pages undisturbed by this script?


      Also, since the AcrobatUsers.com forum was replaced, I don't believe I have ever received a response to a question I have posted here, whereas before I nearly always received a response. I don't know why I am not receiving response, but if someone responds to this, please send me an email to tell me that you have responded and how I can find your response.


      Thank you.

      David Dunn