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    Fail to open pdf documents with self-signed certificate in Android, IOS and Mac OS


      Hello everyone,

      I have a big problem. I have several pdf documents signed with a self-signed certificate (created by me from Microsoft Internet Information Server).


      I have installed my self-signed certificate in Windows 10 operating system and I can open those documents without problems. But when I try to open those documents in Android, IOS (iphone) or Mac OS, I always get the same error: "The file is possible to be damaged or format which Preview View does not be able to recognize" or something like that. I have installed the self-signed certificate in them as well.



      I have tested with diferents certificates and pdf versions (when I convert it from a .docx file for example) and I always get the same result in Android, IOS and Mac OS.

      What is the problem? What am I doing wrong?


      Best regards,