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    Why are my Tool fly-out menus in CS6 so very slow to open?

    True to form Level 1

      Hello, veterans. I have been using various versions of Photoshop (including CS6) for a long time, but in recent weeks, before the fly-out tool-menus will open, it has become necessary to hold down the  mouse button for about four seconds. I had become used to just clicking once, and they would open almost immediately, but not now. I have tried altering the mouse setting in System Preferences (on my Mac, running MacOSX Sierra), but this does not make any difference. No other apps are running, when Photoshop is being run.


      My Mac has 12GB RAM. (In any case, this is only a recent problem.)


      Can anyone tell me why this has started to happen, and what can be done about it, to make these fly-out menus more responsive?

      With thanks in advance,