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    Calling PHP within Flash File

      Using CS3 Flash MX-MAC OSX Leopard

      I have a great flash animation (1280px X 900px) that I want to use a PHP include. Is there a way to write that into the actionscript? Is it possible to call a Wordpress Blog into the Flash file? So when a user visits my webpage, the flash animates and my Wordpress blog is visible within the SWF dimensions and can be updated via the web/wordpress blog site/rss feed.

      I'm not too familiar with code and scripting, but I can copy and paste like no other.
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          Yes, it is possible to make PHP calls from Flash and even make calls to a MySQL database and then display the results within Flash. But... it's not entirely simple stuff. You might want to do a google search for exactly what you want to do. Perhaps someone has some code you can use. But if you want to really learn how to do this kind of thing, check out AMFPHP, which is a great way to tie PHP and Flash together.