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    Photoshop CC exporting low-resolution / pixelated images.


      I recently got a new MacBook, and along with that, the updated Photoshop CC.


      I do photo-manipulations in Photoshop with very large files. Everything looks great. Everything is sharp while working in PScc.

      When I export my image and try to upload it, literally everywhere, it comes out very pixelated, unlike the actual saved file on my computer.


      I tried different websites. Exporting it differently. Uploading it all over the place, and I get the same low-resolution file.

      As far as I'm concerned, I'm saving the file at the highest resolution possible.


      I keep seeing that the new Retina screen might have something to do with it. I keep seeing that maybe it's just how the new Photoshop CC is set up?

      Any ideas how to fix this? My business is on hold until I figure out how to export and upload crisp images.