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    Fail to open excel sheets in Adobe

    Kishore Bhatt

      whenever I receive an excel file, I convert it into PDF but I fail to open the sheets in it.

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Kishorebhatt


          As mentioned above, you have converted all the Excel files to pdf, so could you confirm how did you do that?

          Did you save the excel to "As .pdf" or used the radio button available in menu bar to "Acrobat" and then "Create PDF"?


          I assume you have not been able to open the file in mobile application? If yes, have you tried to open the file through the desktop application?


          Please help us with more information to assist you further.




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            MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

            Hi Kishore Bhatt,


            Would you please tell us more about your problem?  What happens when you try to open the Excel file?


            Do you mean that you cannot switch tabs/sheets in the Excel file displayed in the Acrobat app?


            We just released Acrobat Reader 17.06.12 to the App Store.  Would you please update Acrobat to 17.06.12 and see if it works for you?


            Thank you.