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    Toolkit crashes on startup

      PB Toolkit was installed by Flash CS4 installer on my Acer XP SP2 laptop. I've never had any previous PB Toolkint installation. On starting PB Toolkit I get two standard Microsoft error popups: sniffer_gpu.exe has encountered a problem, and pixel_bender_toolkit.exe has encountered a problem.

      I'll be grateful for any help.
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          Adobe Employee

          Sorry to understand you are having difficulties running the Pixel Bender Toolkit. From the description, my first suggestion would be to make certain the driver for your video card is properly installed and up to date.

          Please check the driver, update it if necessary, and let us know whether or not the issue is resolved.

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            shaoyixuan Level 1
            Thanks for responding.

            I have two monitors: the laptop's own, and a Samsung SyncMaster 244T.
            The video card is Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family.
            "Update driver" in Device Manager reported it could find no better driver that what I have installed.

            After rebooting, however, Pixel Bender Toolkit did start up!
            It reported an error checking my video card, and suggested the CPU mode setting in advanced preferences.
            All good.

            I guess I forgot the first law of PC troubleshooting: reboot and see!