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    LR5 will not recognize CR2 Images (Canon) [Unable to open Canon 5DS R Raw files in Lightroom 5]


      I traditionally shoot on Nikon products but am second shooting on Canon tomorrow and wanted to test out the gear.


      When trying to import images taken today on the Canon D5S R, I received the thumbnail of "preview unavailable" and the images would not import. I tried moving them onto the desktop and a hard drive first but no luck importing them.



      I downloaded the Adobe DNG converter and that seems to be the only way the images will import to Lightroom. The problem here is that it is taking hours to import maybe 100 images when I will be taking a thousand or so for the weddings.



      Is there any other solution to import other than the DNG converter?




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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, you can upgrade to Lightroom 6 or subscribe to the Creative Cloud and install Lightroom CC 2015.

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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Going back a step, Raw file formats are unique to every camera model. Every time a new camera is released, software has to be updated to support it. That includes all software manufacturers (Adobe, Capture One, ON1 etc)


            Updates are free if they are part of the manufacturers minor update cycle. Upgrades are generally paid for if the Raw file update is included in a manufacturers major upgrade cycle. 5DS R support came between Lightroom 5.7 and Lightroom 6.0.


            Cameras supported by Camera Raw

            The Canon 5DS R has been supported since Lightroom 6.0 (Refer Camera Support table in the link above). So Lightroom 5 users cannot get this update for free. They must first convert to DNG.


            So  your options are :

            1. To edit Raw files in Lightroom: to upgrade to Lightroom 6 (standalone-one off payment) or join the Cloud (and pay monthly) and get Lightroom CC, or
            2. To continue editing DNGs in Lightroom 5 as you have been doing.