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    Tool shortcuts bring up toolbar drop down menus


      Hey everyone,

      so as you may guess from the title I encounter a very annoying problem quite frequently.

      So lets say, i'd use W to bring up the Quick Selection Tool, this works fine, but additionally it opens the drop down menu under "Window".

      This is very annoying since it harms the workflow quite severly, as you have to unselect the menu every time manually.

      I hope someone knows a fix for this, thanks in advance.


      Cheers, Justusflash

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          I assume that you are on Windows.

          This happens because you have pressed the Alt key, which activates the keyboard shortcuts for menus.

          These are Windows shortcuts, and work with every program that has a menubar.


          If you press Alt, you will see that every menu item gets one letter underlined, and this letter is used for the keyboard shortcut.

          So pressing Alt+W will open the Window menu.

          Keep an eye on the menu bar, and if you see underlined letters, press Alt once (or Escape), and it will go away, letting you change tools without opening a menu.

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