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    LR corrupting RAW files from 5Div - pink/white blocks obscuring areas of photo


      I have been having trouble importing the Canon 5D mark iv raw files into LR.


      A number of photos come out looking corrupted, with blocky pink and white areas in the image preview. (Usually when opening in PS or exporting direct as a JPG from LR shows the file completely intact, without the issue). The problem appears to be with LR and its handling of files from this particular camera, since the affected photos are different each time I import a CF card. The problem did not exist when using the same cards in the 5D mk iii using the same copy of LR.


      I have attached a screen shot to show the issue. In the filmstrip below you can see the issue affecting other photographs.


      Any suggestions on what might be wrong, and how to solve it, very welcome.