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    Zoom and fade problem

    lammspillning Level 1
      I have a circle that I want to create a "puls" effect with. The circle zooms up and fades away, but before it has fade away complete I need a second circle to start zoom and fade away from the same place, creating a puls. ( Think of a radiotower sending out signals). Do I need two circle mc:s or can I work with one? Allso when I use this code to zoom up the circle, when the function is complete, the mc stops on full alpha. I want it to loop.
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          Devendran Level 1
          Create a Circle MC and Give "lingage Id" to that.
          Now using attachMovie create the + symbol
          now create a function, say animateCircle and get a MovieClip Name as Argument.
          now paste your transition effect and instead of circle give the argument value

          use setInterval to call the function with certain interval

          to control this use the NumbeofClips, and mcCounter variables.

          i hope this explanation is more than enough to create that effect.