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    Lightroom trial period length


      Two weeks ago (on 27.5.17) I started the trial version of lightroom. It was advertised as a 30 days trial version. After merely a week (1.6.17) I became an email saying my trial period will end shortly (no definate date mentioned). I was a bit sceptical but I could still use Lightroom, so I just carried on thinking I have more than 20 daxs left.

      Today I got suprised by Lightroom telling me my test period expired and I am not able to start the application anymore. Yesterday (10.6.17) was the last time was able to use lightroom. This was quite a heavy hit on the otherwise great usereyperience. My guess is the advertised 30 day trial is actually just a 14 day trial. But after searching the Adobe Forums I found this page saying all CC Apps have a trial period of 7 days, which is actually proven wrong by my 14 use of the lightroom trial.

      So can anyone tell me now how long the definite trial period really is and whre this is documented?

      I was quite satisfied with lightroom and just inches away from actually buying it but being thrown out of the trial period like that got me thinking again if I want to pay a company with bad customer treatment like that.