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    Problems with iPhone Import.


      I'm having numerous problems importing from my iPhone.


      1.  Image thumbs are not showing - I just get a generic JPEG gallery thumbnail image.

      2.  The "do not import duplicates' feature is NOT working.   I'm only taking few pictures since my last import but Lightroom is trying to import 1598 photos.  I'm ended up with multiple duplicates which is extremely frustrating.  I reckon that once I update metadata on imported images Lightroom is detecting them as different files despite the identical file name.


      I have the latest version and a library of around 50,000 images, with 4-5000 on my iPhone in Photos.


      This is an impossible situation to work around and I can't understand why it isn't more prominently discussed in this forum - I must be doing something wrong.



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          I think this is an iPhone, Apple iOS, problem and has nothing to do with LR Mobile. And or how you are allowing the photo app on the iPhone to name your pictures. If you even have a choice in that.


          I do know that every time someone sends me an image from a iPhone in an email it is always name Image 001 or image 1.jpg instead of possibly consecutive numbering or the date and time the image was taken as the file name, 20170611-0852, like some/most Android phone do.