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    Enabling flash player in google chrome.

    SouvanikMax Level 1

      I'm using Windows10 (64-bit) and the browser is Google Chrome (Version 59.0.3071.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)).So recently I've been facing a problem regarding enabling the flash player in my web browser, i.e., Google Chrome. But as we know that in Google Chrome we don't need to download and install Adobe Flash Player, as Adobe Flash Player is in-built in Google Chrome. A few days age I tried to play a game in Facebook, called "8 Ball Pool", but its showing me to add Flash Player and the game is loading only 12%. So I downloaded the latest Open Source Flash Player (Version and installed it in my updated Chrome browser. So then the website "www.get.adobe.com/flashplayer" showed me that the Flash Player is installed, but it is disabled. So I searched online how to enable Flash Player, and i got many results. All the results were providing the same answer, i.e , I need to go to Chrome settings>Advanced Settings>Content Settings>Flash>Allow sites to run flash. I did these steps. So I thought may be the Flash Player is enabled and I can play that game. But in vain. The game is still not loading fully, it is stuck in 12% only. And that website "www.get.adobe.com/flashplayer" is still showing that my Flash Player is installed but it is disabled. So can anyone tell me how to enable my flash player?