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    Premier Elements 15 files are 100% damaged in folder




      I purchased Adobe Photoshop and Premier Elements 15 DVD six months ago. Both programs worked fine. I saved all Premier Elements projects in the external hard drive WD Elements. I use Akai EIE Pro as interface to narrate. This device is very sensitive and sometimes ran PC to an error with this blue  Windows screen and long time restarting.

      After the last such error in the beginning of May 2017 Premier Elements when clicked to start asked me to Sign in or offered 30 days Trial option. I was in rush with my new project and skipped both offerings. I finished this new project successfully and saved video for share. I closed program as usually I did it.

      Next time I clicked an icon to start Premier Elements and it did nothing. Welcome Screen did not appear. I clicked Adobe Photoshop icon, then Video editor  in Welcome Screen. When asked to Sign in I signed in and licensed Premier Elements with serial number.

      I changed Preferences to Realtek HD Audio which is within my PC. I do not remember exactly but I clicked to clean the Cache in appeared window (I never did the same before). I noticed that the program was working, I got successfully  sound through the Pc's sound card. But PC was unusually hard working all the time Premier Elements was open (the noise from fan was noticeably loud). I couldn't close the Welcome Screen but to restart the PC. When I tried to open after restarting Premier Elements again - the picture was the same: you can open Premier only by clicking Photoshop icon and the noise from fan was significant all the time.

      Yesterday night I discovered that all Premier Elements 15 projects in the folder were damaged. All 100% projects. Projects from Premier Elements 11 which were in the same folder were not damaged.

      I uninstalled both Premier and Photoshop and reinstalled them. Again, I was seeing the same - I couldn't open Premier by clicking its icon. What to do? Can I restore damaged Premier Elements files?

      If you have any suggestions, please help! Thank you in advance.


      Windows 10 Home

      Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHZ 2.20 GHZ

      RAM 8.00GB

      64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor