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    Custom Font/Texts....

    Mister Shan

      A client had a pro designer create a mo graph sequence where they actually created a custom font with a stroke shape layer. This allowed them to add all sorts of things  shape layer can have like trim paths as well as totally customized animation. This is a bit beyond my skill set with AFX as I am mostly an editor but I was just curious is there a way to take a font and convert it to a shape layer and it automatically draws the paths for you? That way you can then take full control and do things like have it write on and etc?

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          ToolfarmJP Adobe Community Professional



          I imagine it takes time to add the drawing path, using the standard features of After Effects. Zaxwerks 3D Serpentine may meet your request. Would you get access the link below and check this out?


          3D Serpentine


          To add the decoration of fonts, it is also a good tool.


          Font Manager - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            None of that happens automatically. You are mistaken and have sand in your eyes because you are enawed by the reference animation. You still have to add all those fancies, so ultimately it's irrelevant how the initial outlines are created in the first place. Everything else probably involved a lot of clever use of shape layer groups and tons of expressions, but without actually seeing the project nobody cann say anything definitive. Either way, it's likely that this isn't as unusual as you make it sound and merely your lack of AE skill prevents you from understanding the inner workings to recreate it yourself...



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              Mister Shan Level 1

              Hmm... Could you be a bit more clear? I don't think your non constructive long winded assumption went far enough. Could use a bit more condescension.


              I am well aware it is a "clever" use of shape layers, as I said that. There is no expressions. There is nothing too fancy, but this requires an ability to simply draw. THAT is beyond my skill set. She is designing from scratch. Like I said, she is a DESIGNER. Not an After Effects artist. She is an ARTIST. I can't draw.  I do have a "limited" skill set in AFX. Did you figure that out on your own? What gave it away? Hmm...Maybe because I said I did? Hence why I am asking if there is an EASY way to do something similar. As in convert a regular text layer into a shape layer with the wire frame drawn out so you can have complete control. Cheers.

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                Mister Shan Level 1

                Okay I figured it out if anyone else comes across this problem.


                "Use the text tool to type the text you want, then with the text tool still active right click on the text and choose 'Create Outlines' it should be the 2nd option in the contextual menu."


                Here is the thread I got it from. See look how easy it is to just answer someone's question. Glad we all learned something today!


                convert text to paths : Adobe After Effects