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    Indesign 2017 CC slow, lags after selection

    camelbreath Level 1

      Windows 10 / 64 bit / 32 gig ram / Core i7 3.5


      When I first started my computer this morning and opened Indesign, I got a bluescreen shutdown. The recovery ran and the machine restarted and I opened InDesign to work on a tabloid I'm creating with a deadline of tomorrow. Now, when I launch indesign and open the tabloid file and click on a text frame or an image the bounding box appears and I make one move with the tablet or mouse and indesign freezes for a while and and what ever cursor model (white or black arrow) you are in when the freeze starts remains until it unfreezes in about 10 or 15 seconds and then unfreezes and I make another move and it freezes again. When I shut down last night, Indesign was working just fine.


      The issue is not with the file. I started indesign in my laptop and opened the tab file in it and was able to edit normally.


      Can anyone help. I have a critical deadline in about 24 hours and the project is close, but not complete.