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    Premiere extendscript  question


      I know this forum is for the SDK, but I can't find anywhere to ask, so I thought I'd try here.


      I'd like to try and accomplish the following workflow with Extendscript, either in Premiere or AE:


      user opens a template project which contains a logo (graphic image in Illustrator format) and an audio file.


      user drags in a movie file (formats/codecs may vary)


      user moves the wiper to the desired start point (usually around 2 seconds in)


      user runs script which does the following:


      - cuts the movie from the beginning to the frame before the wiper position


      - inserts the graphic and audio file on frame 1


      - fills 2 seconds of black from frame 1


      - starts the movie file from the end of the black


      - exports the movie to a particular standard


      Before I spend a lot of time on this, I'd like to know if the above sounds possible, or am I dreaming.