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      This is driving me absolutely insane. I am using this code within flash to go to previous page from browsers history. It works fine on my mac, but testing in Windows IE7 it only works once.

      http://www.bloxdesigns.com/jewelry/necklaces/page1/metal/page1/item2/index.html (then I click on picture link on bottom and on next page hit "back" it works and then I hit "back" again and it just seems to try to reload the current page even though my browser's back button works.)

      Just for fun I took the code out of flash and placed directly on the page ... then it worked. I still might have to do this (which will mean I will have to redesign the site.) I have also tried history.back(), placing the AS directly on the button, putting it on both the onRelease and onPress handlers and calling it as a function that I place in my HTML. I have been stuck for days ... any help is so appreciated!!!!!! My FLA is at http://www.bloxdesigns.com/flash/item01.fla