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    During the exporting INDD into IDML, the error occurs.

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      [InDesign CS5.5 version:7.5.3 ]
      During the exporting INDD into IDML, the error below occurs.
      Certain Paragraph Return (\r) is changed into 'PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR'(U+2029) and the first sentence’s paragraph style is changed into the paragraph style of the second sentence which makes two sentences into one.
      Every time this bug occurs, we have to open the INDD file and change “U+2029” into another character such as “space” and export it again.
      Finally we found out that this error occurs when 8000th character is “Paragraph Return (\r)”.
      When 8000th character is “\r”, it is changed into “U+2029” automatically during exporting it to IDML. (it seems that it occurs every 8000th character: 8000th, 16000th …)

      Now, we made a sample (test) files for your check.
      test.indd : we put 9000 characters with two paragraph styles
      test.idml (exported from text.indd):
      8000th paragraph return (right after the last character “h”) had been changed into “U+2029” and its paragraph style had also been changed from “Description” to “Heading2” which is the next paragraph’s style.
      FYI, A table with text is counted as one character only. (Text inside the table is not considered as a character in this case)

      Please help us with this bug and let us know if there’s any solution for it.
      Thank you for your support.


      Sample files