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    Lightroom doing funny things with my folders

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      I recently started messing around with the built in HDR function and export features for Nik HDR. The problem is when Lightroom, Nik, or whatever brings the file back into my Library. As you can see above it is creating a new folder entry with a single photo in it. The odd thing is that the file is actually in the folder with the count of 120. If I try to do a synchronize on the folder that has the rest of the pictures it gives me a message that there are 121 new folders and 120 missing. If I try to synchronize the new entry with 1 folder it wants me to add the 120 missing photos. What I don't understand is why Lightroom isn't just adding the photo into the folder entry that contains the rest of the photos. I assume the intended behavior would be for the folder that has the 120 pictures to import the newly created file and bump the count up to 121 photos.

      Just to be clear, the folder that shows 1 photo and the folder that shows 120 photos is the exact same folder. I have verified this by browsing in finder and hovering over the folder in Lightroom so it show the path.

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          Quick update. Prior to doing the HDR or export to another program procedure my file tree did not show the parent folder. It was laid out like the folder with 1 photo. After doing the operation it kicks the folders that I already had in Lightroom ina. View that shows the parent folder and adds the folder with 1 photo in a location how the view was setup before. i dont really care how it ends up being, but I can’t seem to find a way to get it to work in a way that keeps my folder upto date and not create a split situation like I’m having.