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    Info please [Unable to open Canon 5D Mark III Raw files in Lightroom 4]


      I have been running Lightroom 4 on my Macbook pro Model A1286 (2010 I think). Just purchased Canon EOS 5D Mark III and shoot always in Canon raw. Images will not download into Lightroom 4 and I have found I need Lightroom 6 latest version and MAC OS 10.9 on Macbook pro.

      Questions : My Macbook pro is not nor will it ever be connected to the internet, as I use it exclusively to process my photos. Can I get a Lightroom DISC (and instruction booklet) with updates on it to install the new system into my computer and will it automatically override the LR4 instructions, thereby updating them, or do I have to uninstall LR4 before installing the latest LR6 ? If I have to uninstall LR4 do the photos already in the Library get deleted or archived ?

      If the new version of LR is separate, does that mean there will be 2 versions on the computer ? Will I be able to reprocess the images in LR4  with the new upgrades in the newest LR6 to improve the image results ? Notice I have ruled out Lightroom Creative cloud for the reason stated above. I do not want my computer connected to the internet. With that in mind, is Adobe publishing the many additional benefits of the Lightfoom CC version in a perpetual license version say LR7 and so on. I resent upgrades necessitating internet connection (and am probably not the only one who feels this way.

      Same question for upgrading the MAC OS



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Cameras supported by Camera Raw


          The 5D Mark III has been supported since Lightroom 4.1 so there's no need to upgrade to version 6 if you don't want to.


          If you cannot open Raw files files then I presume you are running version 4.0. Check Help > System Info.


          The latest version of Lightroom 4 is 4.4.1. The hard part will be finding a download link for 4.4.1 to download offline if your Mac is not connected to the internet.