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    How can I create bookmarks in a pdf automatically, based on text?


      Hello all,


      I've run a large poll using SurveyMonkey, and am able to output all the results in pdf format. I now need to split the document into individuals' responses, and using the split by bookmarks functionality seems to be the best approach.


      The format of the questionnaire output looks something like below, and it would be really useful to be able to specify the individuals' names as bookmarks, perhaps by using some sort of open and close tag approach - so that in the example, any text in the document that appears between Full name: and Q2: Job Title is set as a bookmark.


      Q1: Full name: Teresa May

      Q2: Job Title: Prime Minister

      Q3: Regional Office: Downing Street, London


      My copy of Acrobat is on a work laptop, and doesn't come with any additional plugins.


      Can anyone help with this?


      Many thanks all.