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    Easy way to install the Tych Panel 2?


      Is there an easy way to install the Tych Panel 2 script?


      I used to use this great plugin a lot until I switch to CC - since then, try as I might I've never been able to get this working. Has anyone else?

      I've found and tried various convoluted ways to install this but to no avail, here's one link found on this forum. But it makes little sense to me :


      Installation (CS5, CS6, CC) - Flash panel

      1. Copy the contents of scripts/photoshop to /Presets/Scripts/Tych Panel (create the "Tych Panel" directory if needed).
      2. Open flash-panel/Tych Panel.gpc in Adobe Configurator and export it to /Plug-ins/Panels.
      3. Enable the panel via Window/Extensions/Tych Panel in Photoshop.


      Any advice would be great, even translating ^ into english would be handy!