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    Dynamic Excel content failing to display when linked to


      Hi all,


      We are looking to link some financial tables from an Excel (.xlsx) file into InDesign but are finding that any Dynamic table content in Excel fails to appear. The cells will display but InDesign seems to not be able to pull the content through. The static content comes through fine.


      Does anyone know why this is the case?


      From testing, i can see that InDesign could see Dynamic Excel content from .xls files but as this is a clients file i'd rather not be changing it's format (especially as when i've done this for my test some of the applied formatting appears to change).

      Also, we are using named ranges and when importing the .xls file, these seem to not come through.


      Has anyone else come across this problem and found a solution?


      At the moment i'm being forced to look at a workaround where we make the source content static but it's not ideal, as i wanted to keep manipulation of the supplied Excel file to a minimum.


      Any help or insights are appreciated.