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    Photoshop CC (2017.1.1) keeps crashing/freezing when saving as PNG


      I find this weird. It's the first launch of Photoshop since install. I had it before, but I formatted from Windows 8 and installed Windows 10. And when installing Photoshop CC again, it gave me the newest version, and this ****** keeps crashing on me when trying to save a file as .png. Never experienced this before, and the internet is full of unanswered questions about this issue. Saving a .PSD worked fine, saving a .PNG file with a background worked, but when trying to save a logo in .PNG, the app crashes.


      So this is what happens: I open up Photoshop. I make the size of the logo and drag the logo in from another file, delete the background (need it transparent). Then I go Save As.. and choose PNG. Then when clicking ok, it just freezes. No windows showing "Adobe Photoshop has crashed.." or anything like that, it just freezes right before the last save as window pops up. I have to force quit the app through Task Manager.


      It does not even get display the screen for adjusting PNG settings. Freezes right before that.


      Any ideas?




      Windows 10 (Latest Update)

      Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 (Freshly installed)