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    CC says Photoshop is installed but is not


      Below is the sequence of events when trying to install Photoshop through Creative Cloud. Photoshop seems to be the only app having issues. I have quit and relaunched, rebooted my computer, but cannot get Photoshop to work. There is no error message in installing Photoshop, but as soon as it's installed and says "up to date" the app jumps down to "find additional apps". The bottom image shows it has been installed a number of times, but it is not.

      Thank you for the help!






      Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 8.25.25 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-12 at 8.57.30 AM.png

      Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 8.25.59 AM.png