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    AE HELP - Main comp not showing the same as the Precomp

    mindyg94130165 Level 1

      This is the second project this has happened on, but same machine and same operator.  My main comp contains a precomp and it does not render the same as it does when I'm looking at the precomp.  My character arms comp isin a scene comp and that scene comp is in my main comp.  when previewing my main comp, my character arms are a randomly rotated, flickery mess.  If I go into the scene comp to fix it, the arms are positioned right where I left them and there is nothing visible to fix.  


      I've tried clearing the cache, changing my scratch drive, rebooting, calling IT to check my drives, opened on a different machine and it still does it.  SO it must be me then?!?  I don't have the constant raster button on. None are 3D layers. All the frame rates are the same in all the comps and assets.  There are no effects applied to the precomp in the main comp.   What gives?  Any ideas?  I'm ready to delete the whole scene and start over, but without knowing the cause, I'm worried it might just do it again. 



      Image shows the exact same frame in the main comp (right) and precomp (left)



      Image shows the precomp scene comp layer stack


      Thanks for any advice!