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    CS4 - Text looks choppy and blurry

    Bopjo Level 1
      I am going from Fireworks 4 to Fireworks CS4. The type in Fireworks 4 was smooth, almost vector-ish. It could be part of an image and still look like HTML text in a web page. The text (10-12 pixels or so) in Fireworks CS4 looks blurry and not good at all...definitely not suitable as a substitute for the clarity of HTML text. I have also noticed this in previous versions of Photoshop, which is why I always turned to my trusty Fireworks 4 when I wanted good, clean text on an image. I am hoping there is something I am missing....some setting or something....does anyone else notice this? My clients do, and they complain about it. Please help!

      Here is an example of what I'm working with: