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    Nav bar and Drop down information




      I have created a verticle navigation bar that runs down the left-hand side of my website, which includes my home page, projects, contact me etc (Image 01 shown below).

      I would like to have it so when you click on a project it takes you to that project but also drops down some extra information. And it does so for each project listed (shown in Image 02)

      I have tried to do this as an accordion menu having the titles link to each page, but it either only does the drop down or change the page and is a little flakey, and not smooth.

      I have found this widget https://musewidgets.com/products/accordion-widget but i am unsure if it works as a nav bar as well as a drop down.


      Hope someone can help.

      Thank you


      (Image 01)

      Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.10.21.png


      (Image 02)


      W02 Option 2-01.jpg