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    Tabbed panels responsiveness ?


      Hello guys, here is my issue.

      I created a new Muse file fluid width max width 1920px with a breakpoint at 1080.

      I used two tabbed panel to display some images. I added at 1st tab 8 images at 1080 and rearrange them at 1920 and I did the same at the second tab.

      Everything seems to be fine at design mode but when previewing at chrome or Mozilla responsiveness is working fine but when I am at second tab at 1080px and resize the browser at 1920 pixels the browser is jumping at 1st tab.

      Here is the link http://www.2agroup.gr/musegallerytest/

      (I am using last muse version, tried at chrome and mozilla, i also tried to close Muse and start with a new file from scratch but...)

      Any suggestions please?

      Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?