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    Asset load time optimized for Wordpress publishing


      I am looking for information on best practices for taking an illustrator file into Adobe Animate, adding simple animation/interactivity, and publishing .html and .js files that have the fastest possible load times on our Wordpress site. Specifically i'm looking to take illustrations and graphics that are produced as part of our printed magazine and add animation / interactivity to them for the online version of the magazine. I completed a group of animations but, the load times were too slow so we had to stick with stills.


      Could anyone suggest a workflow that would produce faster load times for publishing to a Wordpress article? I am new to Adobe Animate and am open to any and all suggestions.


      My current workflow:

      1. Setup html canvas workspace
      2. Import illustrator files art boards/layers
      3. Animate tweens
      4. Publish (.html and .js files)
      5. Add .html and .js files to FTP
      6. Insert iFrame into Wordpress article