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    Digital Signature Crashes Adobe Reader


      I have an end user that is running into a periodic issue where when she attempts to save a file that has been digital signed, Reader will become unresponsive and close. However, it doesn't happen all the time. For example, I was standing next to her and when she signed something, it saved just fine.


      Anything I can do to help her?


      Thank you!

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi amerifirstf335759,


          Sorry for the delay in response.


          Check if you have any pending updates, to check, launch Acrobat > Help > Check for updates. Also, try repairing the application to repair  Acrobat/Reader > Help > Repair installation (Applicable to windows users only)

          Also, you may try launching Reader with Admin rights.


          If you already have found a solution to this problem, please update the thread with your findings that will help others.



          -Tariq Dar

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            Psynchronist Level 1

            For me Acrobat was crashing after I chose one of the two signatures available on my system.


            I suppose I was impatient enough to not wait for the system to find my first signature and so I inadvertently added a second one.


            When Adobe later found two signatures and prompted me to pick one, it became unresponsive after I made my selection, forcing me to end the task (windows).


            I performed all of Tariq's recommendations upon restarting (launch as admininstrator, check for updates (were none) and repaired install.).  Then when it came time to sign my document I was patient this time when I saw no signature available, it took a few seconds for the system to find my signature so I picked it and was on my merry way.

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