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    Muse won't start

    acutting Level 1

      I have used Muse CC  before.  It was working.  Tried to use it again today.  When I tried to start it I got a message saying "no disk in drive E:".  I don't have an E: drive.  I pressed "Continue."  Progress bar went almost to the end then the startup window disappeared.  Tried to start it again.  Didn't get the "E: drive" message this time.  Progress bar again went almost to the end... and again the startup window disappeared without starting Muse.  Uninstalled Muse, kept no settings.  Reinstalled Muse.  No improvement.  Searched forums.  Downloaded the AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool.exe Used it to uninstall Muse.  Reinstalled Muse.  No improvement.  Rebooted the computer.  Got the "no disk in drive E:" again.  No improvement.  Searched the forum.  Got ridiculously unrelated pages.  Hence, this post.  Any help will be much appreciated.


      Also, Other Adobe Apps (Dreamweaver) start fine.