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    Air 1.5 Broke all Air applications on My Mac.

      I updated to 1.5 about two weeks back, and when I did every single Air application I have stopped working. Some of them (Remember the Task, Snoopr, Twhirl) say that I am running a version of Air that isn't supported...and they redirect me to the adobe site and tell me to update. When I attempt to install again, it just tells me that the version is already installed.

      When this problem first occurred I was running OS X 10.5.5. A few days ago I updated to OS X 10.5.6 but the problem still exists.

      I tried using the adobe uninstaller, and then reinstalled fresh...but that didn't fix anything either.

      Has anyone else had a similar problem? Or does anyone know where one can download the previous version of AIR?

      I'm not an expert at this stuff....so I appreciate any help, and apologize for any ignorance. Thanks.