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    Notes panel puts box character at start of every line

    Fritz Hansen Level 1

      When I type a Note in the text area of the Notes panel, there is a little box with an X in it at the start of every line, and it obscures the first letter of the line. The Notes text field is empty at first, but the box appears as soon as I click on the New Note button. The box appears to the right of the cursor, but doesn't move, so when I type a note, it covers the first letter. And a similar box occurs every time the text wraps to a new line.


      I think this may have happened once before but I don't recall if it went away or if I did something like delete some preference files. Can anyone help me get rid of the Xboxes? I've tried restarting InDesign and the computer. No luck.


      27 inch iMac (late 2015)

      OSX Sierra 10.12.5

      Adobe CC 2017

      InDesign 2017.1 release, Build