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    LR CC undo function doesn't work

    roger pb45206454


      1. Import 2 photos into LL CC

      2. Edit photo 1, then edit photo 2

      3. Return to photo 1 (still in development mode)

      4.  Attempt to undo previous edit in photo 1 but am return to photo 2

      5.  Hence, once I edit and leave a photo I can never return and undo previous edits


      For 2 years I never had this problem.  Started recently.  I already have uninstalled and reinstalled LR.  Windows 10 is up to date.


      Can't find an answer in Adobe forums.  Also, another person on a non Adobe forum reported same problem but no solutions have been reported.


      Can't find a way to call or chat with Adobe.  Does anyone know to to contact them?