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    Can I back up folders of PDFs created on ipad?


      Using Adobe Acrobat Reader on my ipad, I've created a library of pdfs in different folders (each folder contains a different genre of PDFs (made from photos taken with my ipad camera). Now that everything's beautifully organized on my ipad, I'd like to back up all the folders and their contents, ideally onto another ipad (my husband's, so he can use/peruse them). I don't want to involve iTunes, iCloud or syncing with my desktop computer but AM willing to use Dropbox if necessary. Ideally, I'd like to duplicate these PDF folders & their contents directly onto his ipad, inside his Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

      #1: can this be done? (fyi, looks like I can back up individual pdfs using Dropbox -- but not folders. )

      #2: if yes, how?

      #3: if no, is there another ipad app or premium version of Adobe Acrobat that will let me buy folders?