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    Somebody needs to help me!


      Right so it was my birthday recently and I got a Lenovo Yoga Book with Android to use as my own device with Photoshop.  I'm 15 yr old and I want to be a photographer as well as doing it as my GCSE. Just cause I'm a kid doesn't mean I didn't do my research since it means a lot to me and I know that Photoshop Elements isn't available on my particular Android laptop but after looking into Creative Cloud I am 90% sure it said its available for my type of device.  So after all of my research and waiting my mum sits me down and buys the single app Photoshop CC for £241 as an Annual Plan. So to recap it's a Monday and I'm a teenage girl,  it's been a long day and I'm grumpy then finally my days about to get so much better as my mums buying me this expensive thing that I've assured her is gonna work,  cause we're not made of money.  Then after I follow all their instructions,  you guessed it. Not working. So I have a nice little chat with an employee then after mentioning several times that I'm using an Android Device, he goes,  "It won't work then on an Android". I guess he knows what he's doing so I'm not asking how to get it onto my Lenovo Yoga Book but what to do now? I have a family computer that is obviously windows I can re-download it on there but let me emphasis family computer.  I have an author for a dad and he spends a lot of time on it,  the whole point of me getting a laptop was for me to develop my Photoshop skills for the future, cause yeah I might be a hormonal child but I know a photographer is what I wanna be. Now I can't and how am I supposed to explain to my mum when she gets home from work that I can't actually use what she spent all that money on.  My birthday was a month ago and before that I was researching it and I don't understand how I missed the answer to the question I was looking for - Does Photoshop CC work on Android?  Then being proud all that time ago that I had found a solution has gone to waste.  I'm definitely angry now and I'm definitely going to cry it all out when she gets home. So somebody please give me some advice cause I've boxed myself into a corner and I'm not saying its not my fault but all my effort for nothing. I  have a subscription to this and I only really have one option.  Help?