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    Replace Duplicate (numbered) Swatches in InDesign


      Has anyone seen/made a script that will remove the duplicate swatches in InDesign? I found one that will get rid of “copies” but not that will remove the ones with the auto-numbered filenames (ex. Color, Color 1, Color 2 etc.). Basically I need a script that can clean up a file after people are done working with pulling from a variety of sources.


      These are the final swatches I want left in the folder and how they are named in our files:

      Primary_Red RGB (186)

      Primary_Gray RGB (425)

      Primary_Blue RGB (7459)


      These are the duplicates we often end up with in the file:

      Primary_Red RGB (186) 2

      Primary_Gray RGB (425) 2

      Primary_Blue RGB (7459) 2

      Primary_Red RGB (186) 3

      Primary_Gray RGB (425) 3

      Primary_Blue RGB (7459) 3


      Any assistance would be amazing!


      Thank you