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    Digital Editions not allowing me to view book on Kobo ereader

    bradv1988 Level 1



      As the title says my Adober digital editions does not allow me to read an ebook that I put on my ereader. This has happened in the past and I forget how to fix it, and to be honest I know a number of people that have this issue. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an ereader because adobe puts up all of these major roadblocks. I've now wasted an hour following all of the steps and nothing works. I borrowed the ebook from the library and downloaded it sucessfully to my computer. I can read it on the compute if I open it in digital editions, but if i move it to my kobo ereader from digital editions it won't let me open it in my kobo because it says the device is not authorized. When I go on digital editions I see that both my computer and my ereader have been authorized with my adobe ID. I have tried reinstalling my kobo ereader and redownloading and changing the time etc but nothing works. This is very frustrating so please tell me how to fix this once and for all. Also it would be nice if there was an easier way to get support but I guess less support means less staff and more money for adobe. Nice to know they don't give a damn about users.