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    Bluetooth keyboard support

    andyh13484804 Level 1

      I'm trying to use a bluetooth keyboard with a 'page down' or right arrow feature to turn the pages in my pdf document to no avail.  Is support for bluetooth keyboards going to be added soon?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          This has nothing to do with Adobe or Acrobat/Reader. It is the OS that either supports a bluetooth keyboard or not.

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            andyh13484804 Level 1

            The keyboard is supported by the OS (iOS 10.3.2), and it works well with other programs, but the page up/down functionality (or up,dn,left,right arrow functionality) for turning the pages within the updated Adobe Acrobat iPad app isn't working.  Trying to figure out a quick page turn option without having to swipe left/right or up/down on the screen.  So, to summarize, it has everything to do with the Adobe app (the only one in which functionality of those keys isn't recognized).







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              I’m having the same issue viewing PDFs in Dropbox and Acrobat reader.  No way to scroll/turn pages from my Apple BT keyboard.  Very frustrating.