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    Photoshop non responsive... Ish...




      It started out yesterday when I was going through some photos in Lightroom and used the "Open in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017" in order to open a photo in PS.

      Photoshop application starts, but nothing happens. No photo loads, No panels, nothing.


      So I close it, open it directly (not via Lightroom that is) and try to open the photo this way. File>Open>Choose file. Nothing.

      When I try to start a new project almost every item of every menu is grayed out, but the applications is still responsive.


      Tried to reset settings (ctrl+alt+shift while clicking to open PS). Nothing.

      Tried uninstalling and reinstalling (both with and without logging out of Creative Cloud). Nothing.

      Tried to install Photoshop CC 2015.5 and that actually works. But it doesn't satisfy me as I've happily been using CC 2017 since November with no issues what so ever.


      Runing Windows 10 with the latest updates. Can't figure out what's going on!


      Ideas anyone?