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    Mocha wont show clip from After Effects




      I'm attempting to work on a clip that I have placed inside of an after effects composition in mocha. In AE I select the clip, go to the animation tab and select "Track in Moach AE". Mocha opens and prompts me to create a new project. I name the project and select my settings but once I hit ok the dialogue box goes away but my clip does not appear. I've tried .mp4, quicktime and .mxf files thinking it was file format issue but all had the same problem. So i'm lost...



      After Effects CC

      Mocha CC 4.0.3 build 13094

      Windows 10 Pro Version 1607

      OS Build 14393.1198


      What my screen looks like after I hit "ok" for creating a new project:

      Mocha issue.PNG