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    Recovered LRCAT files but not working




      Hi Im new here so bare with me if you don't mind.

      Great place by the way.

      So somehow my catalog file went missing without my knowledge and to make things worse, the whole folder which contains the .lrcat file as well as the regular backs was deleted. I tried not panicking and did some research and found out about Disk Drill which is suppose be able to recover them. Now DD finds more than a dozen .lrcat files and i recovered all of them to a seperate drive to avoid rewriting to the same drive. Problem is Lightroom won't open any of them :-\  First i get an error saying "Unexpected Error Opening Catalog"  then i try opening it from the SELECT CATALOG window while "test Integrity of this Catalog" is ticked and i get another error saying "The Lightroom Catalog ... is corrupt and cannot be used or backed until repaired"

      I click on Repair Catalog and then i get a final error saying "Lightroom encountered problems reading or writing from disk when attempting to repair .."


      I also tried importing those recovered catalogs to a new catalog but to no avail because an error msgs comes up and says "The catalog does not appear to be a valid Lightroom catalog"


      I tried opening those recovered lrcat files through TEXT EDITOR and compare it to a working catalog, and I'm no programmer but they seem very similarly written to suggest that really is a lrcat file.



      Has anyone experienced anything like this or would know how to properly repair a recovered lrcat file?

      Any Help would greatly be appreciated it.

      Thanks in advance everyone