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    Trapcode Tao object vanishing after increase in comp length?


      Hi guys ive made a space / planet scene. I created a 3D planet with Tao. My original comp length was 15 seconds.


      I've now increased my comp length to 20 seconds to fade in some text once the planet animates to its final position...


      .... But my planet completely vanishes from screen at the original 15 second mark!!?? My backgrounds, stars, lights etc all remain. Just the 3d planet is vanishing.


      I cant see why - ive not Keyframed any time properties/ opacity or anything like that. The planet is linked to a Null and camera.


      Ive opened all the TAO effects properties and the only thing time related i can see is regards generating paths from lights, and that box is set to 30 seconds.


      Anyone have any idea why my planet is giving up on life after 15 seconds???????? Im tearing my hair our here.


      Thanks kindly,