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    Shorten page


      Hi, I’ have made one long page, whit the textbloks in layers,

      but the page is too long so I want to shorten the page, wen I doe that  by moving the bottom slider up the page bloks move up also,

      Is there a way to prevent this from happening.


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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Either Site properties or page properties. Minimum height settings. If content is not set as footer object, it pushes down by itself.


          Does this help?



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            hansv55964308 Level 1

            Same problem, if I change the page layout In page properties text containers move the rest remains in place.

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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              This could have many reasons, leading to endless question and answer games here in the forum.

              Try to delete all unnecessary elements and pages and save your document as a new .muse file. Upload this .muse file to Dropbox or a similar file sharing service and give us the download link. Then we'll see.

              It is quite possible, if you prepare the project for upload by deleting all unnecessary elements, you'll find the reason for your issue by yourself.

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                hansv55964308 Level 1

                thx, for the response,  this is a link to the file.

                Dropbox - Site_to_long

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                  Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                  It is just, as fotoroedersaid: Your page properties are THAT wrong!


                  • Go to your master page, and reduce the footer area (the third blue arrow to the left to the application window, counted from the top) by dragging the arrow far down to the page bottom, then right click onto the master page, choose "Page Properties" and set the "Minimal Height" to, let’s say 500 px.


                  • Then go to the layout page, right click onto it and choose "Page Properties" again. Set the "Minimal Height" to about 500 px as well.
                  • Now all works as expected and you can go on to fix some of the other issues, which are present on your page:
                  • Make sure, that no element exceeds/is laying outside the breakpoint/page width you defined.
                  • Check off the wrong "Footer" attribute for most of your objects.
                  • Forget 3rd party widgets for now! Learn Muse and then – not sooner – use those extensions it necessary.
                  • And so on, and so on …

                  Best way would be, to learn Muse before  seriously starting a project!

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                    hansv55964308 Level 1

                    Thanks, for the input, am afraid this is not a serious project, only to learn muse.

                    thx. Hans