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    Dark Cinematic Music Video [AE]

      Hi this is my new video track




      Track extracted from the album "Art Has No Diplomacy"

      "The Unconscious is locked into a picture,, white or dark, she sees and loops crossing the  oceans of time to find you"

      Dark Electronic Music Video of the track "Iscuritat" wrritten and directed by mebitek & Serena Pilloni.




      co-produced with nootempo.net Sardinia


      Art Has No Diplomacy is a deep album full of cinematic atmospheres with dark sound environment that explores the unconscious and bring the listener in an introspective journey. Mebitek‘s music is a mix of visual dark and refined suggestions, acid beats travelling through orchestral soundscapes. An experimental and innovative musical approach that contains a social message pointing the light on anguish and human loneliness. An amazing work realized in Sardinia, showing once again a powerful artistic collaboration that goes beyond the sea creating connections between different artists , our island has produced independent high quality music and artistic projects.


      The new album, officially released on 9th March, 2017, is available on CD in a special limited edition and in the most common digital stores.


      feedbacks are welcome

      best regards from Sardinia