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    One character per line in a text field - error


      I have created a PDF which has a text field in it, it has been working normally for months, filled with lots of lovely text by the users.


      Recently, after no discernable changes I can see, the users are now getting an unexpected result (error)


      Whilst using Acrobat Reader DC, when they type text into the multi-line field, after each letter the form goes down to a new line, and so the text ends up being typed vertically, one character at a time.












      The Space Bar therefore acts like a return key.


      Once the text has been typed vertically, they can press into some of the fields above which resets the text to horizontal... like this


      And sometimes that lasts until they have typed all they need to, but sometimes it goes back vertical again.


      This error occurs on an ANDROID tablet only (desktop and ipad are fine)


      Anyone have any idea how I go about solving this?